Press release February 2019.

Streets undergoing rehabilitation in Jimbolia through the project “Increasing Mobility through Road Development in Banat”.

Work execution: November 2018 – August 2019

In August 2017, the implementation of the project “Increasing Mobility through Road Development in Banat”, financed by the European Union through the INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania – Serbia, was started and co-financed by the partner countries in the program, bringing together four partners: – project leader, Jimbolia localities in Romania, Kikinda in Serbia and the Association for Socio-Economic Development of Banat in Serbia.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to increased mobility in the cross-border eligible area by improving quality standards in public transport services and by setting up cross-border cooperation structures. The contract for the execution of the works of “Rehabilitation of the streets adjacent to the National Road 59 C from Jimbolia” was signed with SC Group D.C.M. SRL in Timiş county and the order for commencement of works was issued on November 8, 2018. The works continued until the issuance of the order for termination of the works, which was issued on December 18, 2018 due to unfavorable meteorological conditions. Until the works were stopped, several sections of the Liviu Rebreanu and Ioan Slavici streets were rehabilitated, and the rehabilitation works according to the project would be resumed. We remind you that the infrastructure works include the rehabilitation of the streets adjacent to the 59 C National Road in Jimbolia, a road leading to the Nakovo-Lunga border crossing point, and access to property. The sections in the project are as follows:

• Mărăşeşti Road – between Kikindei Road and Basarabia Street

• Str. Ioan Slavici – between Republicii Street and West Towers

• Str. Liviu Rebreanu – between Peter Jung Street and Spre Vest Street

With regard to the establishment of cross-border cooperation structures, the Cross-Border Cooperation Network was created. From Romania, 26 public and private sector stakeholders and NGOs signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The creation and functionality of the network will improve cooperation in all areas of life and work for the inhabitants of the cross-border region. The Network will also support the use of new opportunities in the field of quality standards in public transport and mobility services.