The first Project Team meeting IBC2

The 1st Project Team meeting took place on Wednesday, 14th of August 2019 in Kikinda, at the restaurant “Twenty” premises, and started at 14:00 o’clock, with presence of the majority of project team members, according to following topics from the agenda, previously discussed and approved by the project partners:

  • Presentation of Project team members
    In order to establish good communication within the project and clear understanding of duties and responsibilities, at the begging of the meeting each team member has presented itself by name and professional background, as well as its role and responsibilities within the project. Majority of the project team are well known by each other from the previous IBC project, which will additionally improve communication within the team, as well realization of the project.
  • Introduction of the project and its activities
  • Presentation and adoption of the Action plan
    Discussion continued with the second and third points of the agenda within which the Activity and Communication Coordinator presented detailed Activity plan, prepared by RDA Banat, which containing the project activities & sub activities, outputs, deliverables and the related time frame. Team members had the opportunity to review the Action plan before the meeting. The action plan was commented to the details of the team members and it was conclude that some activities has to be moved, considering that in the application form was predicted that the project will start at 1st of January 2019. We are speaking about Regional economic fair connected to Pumpkin days in Kikinda, which are in October months and according to eMS needs to be held in May 2021. The second activity is Cross-border cooperation event -“Gastronomic route” which is connected to European week of Mobility (September month) and according to eMS need to be held in December 2020.
  • Presentation and adoption of the Communication plan
    Thereafter, Activity and Communication Coordinator has presented Communication plan, also prepared by RDA Banat, which defined internal and external communication within the project, i.e. set out the information and publicity measures that will be taken to promote the transparency and visibility of the project, its activities and achievements, in accordance with the INTERREG IPA CBC Romania-Serbia programme.
  • Establishment of Joint Steering Committee
    According to Partnership Agreement and project Application form, the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) of the project was established by Decision of the Executive director of the Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia” – as Lead beneficiary, and contains of 4 members.
  • Debate on the most important activities that lie ahead
    All the activities contained in the Activity plan, especially those that are foreseen for the first quarter, have been reviewed and discussed punctually. Also, it was discussed about public procurement plans of project partners, in order to obtain good coordination and dynamics of activities. One of the first activities on both sides will be promotional conference, scheduled for September and October month.