Eighth project team meeting

The eighth meeting of the project team was held on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 in Kikinda, at the “Twenty” restaurant and started at 9:00 (SER time) before the final conference of the IBC project.

The meeting was held in the presence of representatives of all project partners. The meeting was leaded by project Manager – according to following topics from the agenda, previously discussed and approved by the project partners:

  • Presentation of implemented activities within the project and monitoring the achieved deliverable / outputs / target groups
    Irena Zivkovic – Activity and Communication Coordinator presented all the activities that have been implemented in the last implementation period. Team members discussed on each conducted activity individually.  The debate consisted in mutual information about the progress of activities performed on both side of the border, in accordance with the adopted Activity and Communication Plan. Regarding the revision of the achieved deliverables / outputs and target groups on the project, team took each item from the project AF and checked if it was realized or not. After analysing each separate point, project team reached the conclusion that the all indicators are achieved. Mrs Biljana Vuksanović went on and thanked the partners for their involvement in the implementation of the project, reiterated the fact that the cooperation among partners does not end here, since the new IBC 2 project started at 1st of August.
  • Debate on the final partner reports – final consolidated report
    Discussion continued with the second points of the agenda. All partners gradually worked on the last partner reports, which will cover implementation period till August 16th. Partners agreed on submission dynamics, as well as main activities that will be reported in current period.  For this purpose, the RDA Banat has prepared a cross-section of what deliverables and outputs has been achieved so far and target groups situation. All payments related to project will be finished, by all partners, until 10th of September. Since all partners have 30th days from the end of the project for payments, we will be in line with the deadline for submission.  If the validation process is running with the predicted dynamics, Consolidated report is planned to be submitted until the end of November 2019. Partners agreed on representation of its achievements in partner reports, so that the PE “Roads of Serbia”, as a lead partner, would be able to formulate Consolidated report on the most comprehensive way