Press release April 2019

Beginning of works on the modernization of the border crossing Nakovo and construction of a cycling route from Kikinda to the border with Romania

As part of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania-Serbia the project entitled “Improvement of Banat Connectivity – IBC” started work on the modernization of the border crossing of Nakovo and construction of a cycling route from Kikinda to the border with Romania.
The planned works at the border crossing Nakovo will create the necessary technical conditions, as well as the security and control standards that already exist on the Romanian side of the border. Roof over the control room will be built, additional control booths will be provided, as well as electronic ramps for each traffic line, video surveillance and light signaling. The construction of passenger toilets is planned as well as a space where the work of the post office, bank, freight forwarder, etc. will be enabled. In order to create technical conditions for the transport of goods to vehicles of higher capacity, platforms for the control of freight vehicles will be provided. The owner of the investor’s rights – the financier of the works, is the City of Kikinda, who provided funds for this purpose in the amount of 87.751.153,91 dinars, and in accordance with the planned dynamics, works at the border crossing will be completed at the beginning of June of this year.
At the same time, the Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia”, as the leading partner of the IBC project, started with the construction of a two-way bicycle route on the right side of the state road no. 15 I-B, the Kikinda-Nakovo zone (the state border with Romania), in the length of 7,821m. The planned completion date is mid July, while the total value of works is 612,100.57 euros. In addition to the newly-arranged trail allowing easier and safer cyclist traffic, it will further strengthen the position of the city of Kikinda on the European bicycle corridor EuroVelo 13 – The Iron Curtain Route.
The IBC project is implemented by the Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia”, as the project leader, the City of Kikinda, the Municipality of Žombolj and the Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development Banat, as partners in the project, with the aim of contributing to better connectivity in the cross-border area through improvement of quality standards in public transport and mobility services. The project began with the realization in August 2017 and will last until August 2019, and the total value of the project is 1,813,477.53 euros